Tourist Bureau praises the latest edition of “Day Hikes Around Sonoma County”

Great news for hikers of all skill levels who live in or visit Sonoma County: Robert Stone’s highly-rated Day Hikes Around Sonoma County, first published in 2005, has just been released in a second edition. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle versions. The new edition has undergone major revision. “There are about 30 new hikes,” Stone told me in … Read More

Wikipedia article adds Robert Stone (trail guide writer) to list of notables

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert Paul Stone (born March 10, 1951) is the author, photographer, and publisher of the trail guide series Day Hike Books. Since 1991, Stone has hiked every trail in the Day Hike Book series, covering thousands of miles of trails throughout the western United States and Hawaii. He has self-published more than 30 hiking guides … Read More

SLO Journal Spotlights Local Hiking Guru and Author Robert Stone

Robert Stone’s previous career was selling real estate. Now he hikes and then writes about it. “It began as a hobby,” Stone said. “The sales took off like crazy so I decided to go into Yellowstone and do one.” His sales continued to rise, so “the light bulb went off that I could make a living writing hiking books.” That … Read More

He Leaves No Stone Unturned, reports the LA Daily News

Robert Stone said if he won the lottery he’d be doing the same job, he’d just stay in nicer hotels while he does it. Stone’s job is writing day-hiking guides. The author of 20 books, Stone spends the warm half of his year exploring the Rockies near his home in Red Lodge, Mont. “When the snow begins to fly, so … Read More

From Montana to Hawaii, Barely a Trail Escapes His Notice

Robert recently sat down with Richie Demaria of the Santa Barbara Independent to talk writing, hiking and plans for additional books. The article was featured in the Outdoor section of the March 8th publication. Read the full article on the Santa Barbara Independent Web site. A Conversation with Best-Selling Author Robert Stone From Montana to Hawaii, Barely a Trail Escapes … Read More

A new guide to the great outdoors

Dogs are barking, traffic is roaring and Robert Stone is taking to the hills of Simi Valley, trying to find a little solitude. In less than five minutes, he finds what he’s looking for. Limbs of thick oaks shade the hiking trail in Montgomery Canyon and the field of grass, tamped flat in places from last night’s deer bedding down, … Read More