From Montana to Hawaii, Barely a Trail Escapes His Notice


Robert recently sat down with Richie Demaria of the Santa Barbara Independent to talk writing, hiking and plans for additional books. The article was featured in the Outdoor section of the March 8th publication. Read the full article on the Santa Barbara Independent Web site.

A Conversation with Best-Selling Author Robert Stone

From Montana to Hawaii, Barely a Trail Escapes His Notice

Sunday, March 8, 2015

When part-time Californian Robert Stone decided to write a guidebook detailing the trails of his Montana residence, Red Lodge, in the early ‘90s, he did it as a summer hobby to supplement his real estate business. Now, 23 hiking guidebooks and multiple journalism awards later, the Los Angeles Times best-selling author writes full time as one of the nation’s most successful outdoor writers; he’s hiked and described thousands of miles of trails in the western United States and Hawaii. Stone — who next month will release new editions of his L.A. and San Luis Obispo books — talked to us about the joys of living life on the trail.

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