He Leaves No Stone Unturned, reports the LA Daily News

Robert Stone said if he won the lottery he’d be doing the same job, he’d just stay in nicer hotels while he does it.

Stone’s job is writing day-hiking guides. The author of 20 books, Stone spends the warm half of his year exploring the Rockies near his home in Red Lodge, Mont.

“When the snow begins to fly, so do I,” said Stone, a Santa Monica native. “I spent 16 winters in Montana, so I’ve paid my dues.”

Stone then heads for California and Hawaii and hikes and writes some more. On a trip exploring the relatively new Sandstone Hills Trail in the North Ranch Open Space in Thousand Oaks, Stone explains how he went from a real estate agent to author.

He started writing about 10 years ago, when he put together a stapled pamphlet describing a dozen local hikes near where he sold real estate in Montana. Stores wanted the pamphlets, and the same thing happened when he wrote a second hiking guide to Yellowstone National Park.

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